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Maintenance (tank) trailers

Burg Service is able to take care of all possible repairs, modifications and inspections of your transport equipment.

Whether it is a tanktrailer or a tankcontainer, we have a team of skilled people ready. For tank containers, in addition to the 2.5-year and 5-year tests, we also take care of all common damage repairs and all this is based on a fixed price quotation that we provide for you in advance.

This way you know exactly where you stand and we can act quickly. For larger damages we take care of the complete settlement with the insurance.


Complete renovations where frames are replaced with tank containers or the axle assembly with tank trailers, plating and insulation are renewed or the blasting and sprouting of frames and frames and the application of new advertising lettering, Burg Service takes care of it all for you.


You can contact us for all APK and ADR inspections of tank trailers.

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