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Burg Service is the lead specialist in the maintenance, inspection, repair, and modification of tank trailers and tank containers, as well as the purchase and sale of new and used tank containers. We have also specialized in the design, manufacture, and delivery of milk collection trailers and manure transport trailers. At Burg Service, we offer a wide range of services. We are continuously focused on fast, effective, and high-quality work while keeping any standstill of equipment to a minimum.




When transport equipment gets damaged, you naturally need it repaired as quickly as possible. At Burg Service, we offer fast and precise repairs to your tank trailer or container. Our two locations are outfitted with over 70 workstations that aid us in delivering swift, effective, and qualitative service. Our certified employees receive extensive training, which allows them to complete virtually any maintenance work independently. We are also equipped with all the required hardware to complete repairs to trailer framework.




Burg Service is a full-service inspection facility with RDW-recognition. Not only can we handle your three-yearly hydro-pneumatic tank inspection, but we will also take care of the mandatory APK and ADR/VLG-check for the transportation of hazardous materials.




Burg Service operates in two locations; one centre in Barneveld and one in Moerdijk. Both Brug Service sites are outfitted with all the necessary machinery to perform custom work on any tank. Our warehouse is stocked with nearly every possible component for container and trailer maintenance, so we can get you back on the road in no time.


Burg Service Barneveld

Our Barneveld location is where we manufacture our milk tanks and manure transport trailers, complete with the most sophisticated technology. We apply those techniques to everything from the undercarriage to the tank and the rear pump machinery. Each wagon is also fitted with GPRS and/or hypermodern weighing systems, making field work easier, quicker, safer, and less complicated.


Burg Service Moerdijk

The Brug Service site in Moerdijk also operates the depot for CIMC-Enric tank containers. New tank containers are transported by ship from China to Antwerp and Rotterdam. By maintaining a strict schedule, we know exactly when each ship enters the port and how quickly we can deliver the containers to their end user. As soon as containers arrive in the harbour, we organize transport to our Moerdijk location. At that time we make any required changes and complete a final inspection before delivering the tank containers to our clients.


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