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At Burg Service quality is at the heart of all our services. Craftsmanship and experience are therefore two of our most important qualities. But safety and health are concepts that concern us all.



Obviously we make no concessions whatsoever when it comes to safety. For the maximum protection of our employees, visitors, residents, the environment and other interested parties, we strictly observe all statutory rules. Moreover, we take it a step further by setting ourselves even more stringent standards than are required on a local level. As an international player and part of a publicly listed multinational, we also meet the requirements of the countries in which we conduct business.





Health and safety are concepts that concern us all. No one can allow themselves to make improper use of chemicals or substances destined for the pharmaceutical or food sectors. Burg Service B.V. is, therefore, committed to carefully observing all standards and applicable laws with respect to the environment, hygiene and safety. Not only must our environment be protected from unnatural substances, but any risk to people must also remain under control at all times.

In this respect Burg Service B.V. sets a good example by taking all appropriate measures, also within the company’s premises, to protect the environment; where possible, through energy savings, waste sorting, emission reductions, etc.





As a customer of Burg Service B.V. you can call upon us for a very wide range of services, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. Have a look at our activities and select the service that you require from our package. But we will also be happy to listen to any other requirements you may have in order to have your transport modes ready and available to you on time after having been correctly built, inspected, repaired or otherwise, according to your instructions. The concept “one stop shopping” has never been so concrete as with Burg Service B.V.





Transport modes for products such as chemicals, milk and food ingredients simply cannot be entrusted to amateurs. Whoever is responsible for the proper handling of these objects must be well informed of the regulations and comply with them. Years of experience is required in order to minimise the risks. As one of the trendsetters and pioneers in service provision, Burg Service B.V. has gained significant expertise. This is exactly why large international companies and SMEs often call upon us to gather knowledge on various matters.


Our management and employees have acquired further experience over the years through following numerous specialised courses on the finer points of their activities. In addition, since Burg Service B.V. has a very low staff turnover, practically all our employees have very broad experience.





Speed is not a term used loosely at Burg Service B.V. We know only too well that ‘just in time’ is standard practice for most manufacturers and thus also for transport carriers. This is why our processes are organised in such a way that we are able to fulfil our obligations exactly on time. Thanks to our accessibility, set-up, equipment and resources, as well as the excellent agreements with our suppliers, we have the flexibility to offer you our services at the speed that you desire. Impossible? Difficult perhaps, but not impossible! Best practice is not always enough. Sometimes it has to be better.





What distinguishes one good service provider from the other? Above all, flexibility!

This is reflected in Burg Service B.V. in various ways:

  • As a customer of Burg Service B.V., your mode of transport will become available again at a time appointed by yourself. This will prevent delays in your logistics processes, or that of your customer, and will ensure maximum efficiency. We will adapt to your needs!
  • Burg Service B.V. also offers flexible service options. We discuss the best working methods with you and then adapt our work process accordingly in order to have your transport delivered to you on time, entirely according to our agreements. We will not shy away from any challenges. “That’s impossible” is not something you will hear from us.





It is no coincidence that the vast majority of our customers have for many years remained loyal to Burg Service B.V.. We have built up a long-term relationship with each of them based on trust. This adds momentum to our efforts to maximise customer satisfaction. Living up to our promises, maintaining a flexible attitude and providing just that little bit more when the customer needs it, enables us to hold on to our customers for a long time. In conducting our business, we prefer the personal approach. We believe that a phone call or a brief meeting gives more clarity than a business letter or formal email. At Burg Service B.V. the customer is certainly not just a number.

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