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Milk and manure trailers

Burg Service builds milktrailers in Barneveld that have become a household name under the product name HOBUR.

By constantly paying attention to the needs of the market and listening to the wishes of our customers, Burg Service is able to build a milktrailer concept that meets all requirements and wishes.


Characteristics for the HOBUR - milktrailer are low weight due to the use of high-quality materials, good maneuverability through a sophisticated steering system and a high pump capacity through a well-thought-out piping and pump arrangement. In addition, we have a very short and manoeuvrable trailer, our "shorty" that can effortlessly reach hard to reach places and which offers a considerable saving, in case a lot of use has to be made of transport by ferry.


Based on the same concept, we also build our manure trailers and trailers for the transport of fats or cattle feed. Options such as a calibrated weighing system and sampling equipment with GPS are very common.

Special trailers with pump systems, electronic measuring systems, coated compartments, can all be built to customer requirements

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