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Burg Service B.V. aims to be a “one-stop service provider” for our clients in the intermodal transport sector, including transporters, operators, and rental providers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, agriculture, and automotive industries. Burg Service B.V. offers qualitative, reliable, safe, and efficient solutions for newly built trailers and containers, as well as maintenance and modification of existing units.




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Fast service

The Burg Service team knows how valuable your time is. Our processes are streamlined, enabling us to deliver any request in a timely manner. Due to our accessibility and infrastructure, as well as our excellent relationships with suppliers, we are able to operate at a pace that suits your needs!

The Burg Service workshops occupy a space of 5500 m2, located at our Middenweg address in Moerdijk. Our modern repair centre for tank containers and tank trailers is equipped with all the essential repair facilities and has a large capacity for assembly and parking on-site. The way our location is set up, allows us to offer you impeccable service year round.
We are flexible

How does an exceptional service provider stand out from the crowd? We believe flexibility is key. At Burg Service, we showcase our flexible nature in several ways. Most importantly we ensure that your tools of transport are operational and available as quickly as possible, matching your preferred timeline. Additionally, we aim for flexibility in our offered services. We’re prepared to tackle any challenge!
In-house expertise

Each member of our expert team is highly skilled. Through years of experience and countless specialized training courses, our management and staff all continue to expand their command of the finer points of our operations.
Damage repair

Our staff members will provide you with an on-the-spot price estimate for damage repair. You’ll know exactly what to expect and how quickly repairs can be executed. We will have you back up and running as soon as possible while minimizing any standstill of materials and equipment.

Burg Service is proud of our team of dedicated workers, who excel in their specialized expertise and skill on the job. In addition to our workforce, our longstanding relationships with suppliers and other partners are essential to achieving our objectives.

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