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Burg Service B.V. wants to be a “one stop service provider“ for customers in the intermodal transport sector and, particularly for transport carriers, operators and leasing companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, agricultural and automotive industries, Burg Service B.V. aims to provide qualitative, reliable, safe and efficient solutions for new constructions, maintenance and modifications. Outsourcing these activities to Burg Service B.V. will enable us to offer our customers the opportunity to completely focus on their core business.





We would like to realise our mission and objectives through building a solid, long-term relationship with suppliers and other business partners. To achieve this, we can count on a dedicated team of employees who excel in expertise and commitment. In achieving our objectives, we take full responsibility for the level of quality that we have achieved and other indicators of customer satisfaction. In addition, we are continuously seeking new techniques and opportunities to improve our competitive position in our efforts to achieve maximum performance.

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