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Our activities


  • ALL repairs, modifications, maintenance and inspections of ALL makes of tank trailers
  • Inspections, repairs and quick-service of ALL types of trailers
  • ALL inspections, repairs, modifications and maintenance of ALL makes of tank containers
  • ALL stainless steel and aluminium operations, with optional x-ray and certification
  • Engineering and manufacturing of electrical/glycol heating units
  • Design and production of special transport tanks, such as raw milk reception, manure tank trailers, etc.
  • Delivery of parts for our own brands but also for Fort Vale, Pelican, Perolo, Todo and Girrard
  • E-shopping for registered contacts
  • Building and repairing of DME weighing systems
  • Repairs to Marrel hook arm systems
  • Design and manufacture of AdBlue / Urea shipping units with MID
  • Tank cleaning, internally and externally
  • Hydro and X-ray testing
  • Calibration of weighing systems
  • Container storage and handling
  • Steam facilities for tank containers
  • Transport of empty containers
  • Sales and after sales CIMC
  • Buying and selling of used tank trucks and tank containers
  • Fleet management / maintenance contracts

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